Congratulations! You've found (one must assume by accident) my website:

That's not to say I never get visitors. Over the years visitors from many states and countries have popped in - and immediately popped out. There was one time when some Brazilian financial firm accidentally linked to the site. I got a lot of visitors then. Also, some family and a few friends have visited. One or two have claimed to have visited, anyway. Still others mention that they intend to visit some day.

After all it's only been around since the late 90's and there's no need rushing these things.

This is the 8th-ish major version of the site. I've had to re-write it as things have changed. New (not necessarily better, or bug-free) technology breaks old sites. Everyone abandoning Flash has also caused problems. So did HTML5 on crappy mobile browsers. And Facebook changed how things are done. Now, it's written for desktop PCs with large monitors. No Flash and only somewhat basic HTML5.

The only thing left on this site is my 3D spaceship images. If there was anything here, that is now gone; email me. I'll tell you if it's still available.

I hope you like what follows, or at least find it interesting.

On to the link...

By the way, this site looks best in Vivaldi, Chrome, IE (weird) and Opera.
It barely works in Firefox (both old and new versions).   If you're using a mobile browser, tough luck.