I've been drawing spaceships all my life.

Now, though I can use 3D CAD software to flesh things out in a more satisfactory way. So I've been revisiting my old 2D scribbles and mixing in some new ideas to see what happens.

I've been posting the ships on Scifi-Meshes for the past few years. I get a few views and the very occasional comment. A large percentage of those few posts comment on how alien they look. I find that a bit odd since I'm not usually trying for anything especially alien.

Since the ships look very different from each other, I made up a framework of a Federation-type government that keeps a census of alien derelict spacecraft discovered while mostly-bored people nose around the galaxy.

These are not meant to be finished, final renders. While the designs are mostly set, there are no textures, lighting or anything. I may get to that later. I may not.